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Over the years, our product line has grown because we listened to customers who needed something different. And we keep listening, to continue satisfying new customers and new application needs.

The Noz-L-Jet fogger is a good example. It was originally developed so duct cleaning contractors could reach up into ceiling ductwork without climbing a ladder. However, it has also been embraced by users who want tight control over output – spot fogging – which is not possible with conventional machines.

Another example is the Vectra-Jet ULV fogger for packaging line and clean-room disinfecting and sanitizing. The machine fills the room with a fog of small droplets to eventually coat every surface. However, as the fog density increases, so does the potential for droplets to be pulled back into the power head, with potential corrosion or motor/brush damage. The Vectra-Jet's high efficiency intake filter mitigates this problem, and as a result it's being used for other "confined space" applications as well.

A unique application may require a unique design. Whether you need to fog water into a pita bread oven, manage the humidity of a wine barrel storage warehouse, or control odors at a landfill, we can customize a solution to fit your chemical, application rate, duty cycle, control method and timing.

Just send us a quick e-mail describing your needs. We can tell you quickly if fogging will solve the problem, and how to do it.

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