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This is a summary of our most popular parts. You can order these from your distributor or directly from Fogmaster.

Item Part # Qty Description
Intake Filters 081 1 Protects fogger motor and extends service life. (Intake of dust, dirt and fog droplets reduces motor brush life and increases the potential for internal corrosion.) For hand-held and drum mount units except Fogmaster Jr 5330 or Vectra-Jet 7505.
080 10
515 1 Intake filter element for Vectra-Jet ULV 7505
510 1 Intake filter element for Sentinel II 5500, 5600, 5700
Motor Brush
2 Conventional design graphite brushes (2 per motor) carry electricity to commutator. Brushes are a wear item, with estimated life of 600-650 operating hours. However, brush life varies with commutator condition, suspended dust or other impurities in the air, and filtration.
030: For 120V motors
032: For 220-240V motors

MS type
Motor Brush


Kit contains one conventional brush and one MS [Motor Saver™] brush. The MS brush is designed to shut down current flow when worn, preventing commutator dragging and excess wear.

MS brushes are interchangeable with conventional brushes. We recommend them for heavy duty applications that require regular brush changes, or whenever replacing brushes. They are standard on Sentinel II and drum mounted models, and optional for hand held models.
033: For 120V motors
034: For 220-240V motors

1 Single motor brush, conventional design.
035: For 120V motors
036: For 220-240V motors

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