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Pow-R-Jet® Plus DM 6428

Fogging at an Affordable Price

The Pow-R-Jet® Plus DM 6428 is mechanically identical to the durable 6329 DM model, but includes a one-turn control valve so you can vary liquid output (0-9 oz/min) and droplet size, from an intermediate fog to a heavy wet mist. Higher flows produce larger droplets.

The dispensing rate can be calibrated in the field so you can adjust the output for different fogging liquids, viscosities and densities. And, as a "cold" fogger, using turbulence to shear liquid into small droplets, the Pow-R-Jet Plus DM handles both water- and oil-based liquids without high pressures or smoking hot surfaces.

It can even atomize a light slurry of suspended solids. However, the user must ensure that the liquid reservoir gets enough mixing to prevent stratification or settling; DM foggers by themselves do not supply any agitation.

Landfills, wastewater treatment plants, greenhouses, dairies and warehouses are but a few examples of large application sites that need large volumes of liquid and rely on this product for everyday use.

For effective fogging solutions, count on Fogmaster.


Pow-R-Jet® Plus DM 6428


1 Hp, 50/60Hz
642810: 120V, 7 amp
642820: 240V, 3.5 amp
MS™ motor saver brushes standard

Motor Brushes Motor brushes are a wear part and must be replaced when worn (estimated life - 600 operating hours). Product includes standard MotorSaver™ brushes to protect commutator as brushes reach end of life.
Fogging Nozzle High-shear, vortex design nozzle
Particle Size 15-30 micron VMD, adjustable
Liquid Flow Rate 0-9 oz/min [0-270 cc/min], adjustable with one-turn valve
Chemicals Water- or oil-based solutions
Liquid Reservoir Capacity
Attaches to standard bung opening of most 15-, 30- or 55-gallon chemical drums (drum not included)
Materials of
Power head, drum adapter - aluminum
Tubing - fuel and oil resistant vinyl
Fittings and control valve - brass
Nozzle - Celcon
Regulatory Compliance UL, CSA, CE, PSE
Dimensions H x L x Dia: 15.4 x 10.4 x 8.6 in [39 x 26 x 22 cm]
Shipping Weight 12 pounds [6 kg]
Warranty One year

Pow-R-Jet® Plus DM 6428
Spec Sheet

Pow-R-Jet® Plus DM 6428
Parts List

Operating Manual


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