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Fogmaster Tri-Jet® 6208

A Durable General Purpose Fogger

The time-proven Fogmaster Tri-Jet 6208 fogger has served users for more than five decades, and is still going strong. Food plants, hotels, barns, parks, schools, locker rooms and long term care facilities are just a few examples of sites that depend on the Fogmaster Tri-Jet for effective treatment.

A "cold" fogger, the 6208 can atomize either water- or oil-based solutions. A one-turn control knob adjusts particle size and degree of misting, and the power head can be adjusted up or down to the angle required.

You can control it with a timer or sit it on a turntable for uniform application (see Accessories for details). And it can even run "dry" without harm.

Maintenance-free, reliable and durable, it continues to serve – indoors or out – disinfecting and sanitizing, mitigating odors, controlling mold and mildew, aiding in flood and fire damage restoration, controlling mosquitoes, flies and other insects and many other applications.

Fogmaster's original tri-jet design continues to set the standard against which all others are measured.


Fogmaster Tri-Jet® 6208


1 Hp, 50/60 Hz
620810: 120VAC, 7 amp
620820: 220-240VAC, 3.5 amp

Fogging Nozzle Three counter-rotating vortex nozzles
Particle Size 15-30 micron VMD, adjustable
Chemicals Handles both oil- and water-based chemical solutions
(Liquid viscosity and density affect particle size distribution)
Liquid Flow Rate 0-9 oz/min [0-270 ml/min], adjustable with 1-turn valve
Tank Capacity 1 gallon [4 liters]
Materials of
Power head housing and tank - aluminum
Tubing - fuel and oil resistant vinyl
Fittings and control valve - brass
Nozzle - Celcon® acetyl copolymer
Dimensions H x L x Dia:
15.4 x 12.5 x 8.6 in
39 x 32 x 22 cm
Shipping Weight 12 pounds
Warranty Five years

Fogmaster Tri-Jet® 6208
Spec Sheet

Fogmaster Tri-Jet® 6208
Parts List

Operating Manual


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