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Parts & Accessories

This is a summary of our most popular parts and accessories. You can order parts from your distributor or directly from Fogmaster.

Item Part # Qty Description
Intake Filters 081 1 Protects fogger motor and extends service life. (Intake of dust, dirt and fog droplets reduces motor brush life and increases the potential for internal corrosion.) For hand-held and drum mount units except Fogmaster Jr 5330 or Vectra-Jet 7505.
080 10
515 1 Intake filter element for Vectra-Jet ULV 7505
510 1 Intake filter element for Sentinel II 5500, 5600, 5700
Motor Brush
2 Conventional design graphite brushes (2 per motor) carry electricity to commutator. Brushes are a wear item, with estimated life of 600-650 operating hours. However, brush life varies with commutator condition, suspended dust or other impurities in the air, and filtration.
030: For 120V motors
032: For 220-240V motors

MS type
Motor Brush


Kit contains one conventional brush and one MS [Motor Saver™] brush. The MS brush is designed to shut down current flow when worn, preventing commutator dragging and excess wear.

MS brushes are interchangeable with conventional brushes. We recommend them for heavy duty applications that require regular brush changes, or whenever replacing brushes. They are standard on Sentinel II and drum mounted models, and optional for hand held models.
033: For 120V motors
034: For 220-240V motors

1 Single motor brush, conventional design.
035: For 120V motors
036: For 220-240V motors
5250-xx 1

The 5250 proportional injector allows you to dilute a concentrated chemical with water "in line," as liquid is flowing to the atomizing nozzle. It is used primarily with Sentinel or Sentinel II products. Needs no external power. Just connect intake to a water line, discharge to fogger liquid line(s), and adjust the mix ratio as desired. When fogger operates, injector pulls chemical into liquid line.

Injectors are available in several flow capacities and dilution ratios. For particulars, inquire of factory.

Click to Email a request for info on Proportional Injectors or

Click to download a general brochure explaining proportional injectors.

Pumps varies  

Sentinel and Sentinel II systems need a feed of fogging liquid – usually a pump or proportional injector, although an elevated tank (gravity feed) may also be used. Because use chemical so efficiently, they only a small pump is required.

Getting the size, pressure and flow right can be a challenge. To help, we have prepared a note, "Liquid Supply Considerations for Sentinel Systems." Click the link to download it as a pdf file.

Tank Liners 900 10 Using polyethylene liners in the tank of our 1-gallon foggers will simplify chemical changes and clean-up after use. Liners also help protect tank against corrosive attack when used to store chemicals.
901 50
Tank Insert 9031 1

The #9031 Tank Insert is used when precise liquid amounts will need to be applied. The insert is placed into a standard one-gallon tank to lower the displacement to one quart. It features indentations at 4-ounce intervals to allow quick measurements of solutions to be applied.

Click for more information on the #9031 Tank Insert

Timers 7304 1 Countdown timer shuts off fogger at end of time period set. Spring-loaded manual dial (60 minute maximum). Useful for fogging at end of workday when facility is empty. Can be used with 6100 turntable. 10 A contacts. Receptacle is for 100-120V plugs (NEMA 515). Adapter required for use with 220-240V.

Repeat cycle timer. For odor control or applications requiring periodic discharge. Independent ON and OFF cycles (1-100 minutes each) let you balance fogging time/chemical usage. Cycle length is set with one-turn analog dial. 10 A contacts.

Plug timer into electric outlet, and plug fogger into timer receptacle. Cords and receptacles are available for compatibility with electrical systems around the world, including the Americas (NEMA 515, 615), Europe (Schuko, Euro plug), United Kingdom, China, Australia and India.
223810: For 120VAC
223820: For 240VAC

Download Operating Manual


Event timer. The 2239 timer offers two timing functions: a programmable seven-day clock; and a repeating cycle timer. They can be used separately, or jointly.
The 7 day clock holds up to 6 events, each with its own start and stop times. Starts and stops can be set for a specific day of the week, or for every weekday (Mon-Fri), or every weekend day (Sat-Sun).
When an event starts, the clock delegates control to the repeating cycle module. This turns the fogger on and off repeatedly until the event ends. "On" and "off" cycle lengths are set using two banks of dip switches (1-165 minutes in one-minute increments).
A toggle switch allows you to override cyclic operation if continuous output is desired. 10 A contacts.
223910: For 120V
223920: For 220-240V

Download Operating Manual

Turn Table



Assures uniform distribution when fogging large areas with hand-held units. Compatible with Fogmaster Tri-Jet 6208, Pow-R-Jet 6309, Micro-Jet ULV 7401 and Vectra-Jet 7505. Not compatible with Noz-L-Jet or drum mounted models.

Rotates at 3 rpm. Fogger sits on turntable. Plug turntable into wall outlet, and fogger into receptacle on turntable. Plug/sockets available for North and South America (NEMA), UK, Europe (Schuko), Australia, China, India, Africa.
610010 [J]: For 120V; 100V in Japan
610020 [A/E/U/US]: For 220-240V.

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