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Sentinel® 5600

Fogging Power Head with Hose Discharge

This heavy duty fogger was designed for odor control in confined spaces. Simply bolt or hang the NEMA 4 enclosure to a wall or ceiling, indoors or out, plug into power, and attach the discharge hose/nozzle assembly and a low pressure liquid feed line. The fogger is ready to operate.

The power head activates when it senses liquid feed, so it needs no control wiring. That makes it easy to relocate heads, or add more, when your needs change. Just plug them in and connect a liquid line.

The 5600 offers an effective solution to stubborn odor problems in sewerage lift stations and other enclosed spaces (ambient pressure). Just insert the nozzle into a vent or a 2-1/4 inch diameter hole. Exposed parts are made of corrosion resistant materials and an inline check valve protects the power unit from backflow. A liquid solenoid valve prevents siphoning when the unit is off.

Hoses are available in 15 or 25 ft lengths for flexibility in locating the unit.

Ways to configure the liquid feed/control system include: a pump to feed pre-mixed liquid from a barrel; a proportional injector to dilute concentrate in-line; or for humidification, feed water directly from a connection to the house water system.

Any number of Sentinel II power heads can be supplied from a single liquid source. You can run all heads simultaneously, or switch them individually with low cost toggle valves.

For more information on setting up a Sentinel II system, please see our Technical Design Notes page or contact the factory. And see liquid transfer and timing components for some of the accessories which can be used with Sentinel II power heads.



Sentinel® 5600

Motor 1 Hp, 120VAC 50/60Hz, 10 amp; Optional: 240VAC, 5 amp. Motor saver brush standard. 9 ft 18/3 power cord.
Blower Tangential discharge. Two stage balanced fan, 50 cfm, 20,000 no load rpm.
Nozzle Technology Counter-rotating vortex design. High turbulence in nozzle shears feed liquid into fog-sized droplets (7-30 micron VMD). Droplet size distribution is influenced by liquid viscosity, surface tension, density and feed rate.
Nozzles One, at end of a 15 or 25 ft hose.
Non-clogging design (no small orifices).
Particle Size 7-30 microns, adjustable.
Control Valve Nine turn vernier w/ memory lock.
Glass filled nylon w/ stainless stem and seat, Viton® seals.
Discharge Rate 0-15 oz [450 ml] /min, adjustable.
Chemicals Any lightweight liquid. Nozzles can atomize both oil-based and water-based fluids.
Intake Filter Serviceable air cleaner.
Materials of
Enclosure - NEMA 4 (weathertight, corrosion resistant) fiberglass w/ stainless hardware
Hose and nozzle housing - corrosion resistant vinyl w/ stainless clamps
Tubing - fuel and oil resistant vinyl
Fittings - brass, acetal
Nozzle - Celcon®
Dimensions Height (incl filter): 28 in [71 cm]
Width (enclosure only): 14 in [36 cm]
Depth: 8.8 in [22 cm]
Hose/nozzle: 15 or 25 ft length
Shipping Weight Power head: 30 lb [17 kg]
Hose: 7 or 10 lb.
Warranty One year limited warranty.

Sentine 5600
Spec Sheet

Sentinel 5600
Operating Manual
(includes parts list)

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Made in the USA

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