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Sentinel® 5850    

The Sentinel 5850 modular fogging system atomizes water to humidify winery barrel rooms, wood working shops, nursery grow houses, concrete curing areas and the like.

Droplet size is adjustable from less than 5 microns - a fine dry fog that evaporates quickly - to more than 50 microns, a heavy wet fog.

For information Sentinel nozzle options and their capabilities, see FTN-022 About Sentinel Nozzles.

Small droplets are preferred for quick evaporation without wetting; larger droplets are better for dust settling, asbestos remediation and evaporative cooling.

With an optional 5250 proportional injector, the Sentinel 5850 can add wetting agents, surfactants, insecticides, or other water-dispersable chemicals to the fog droplets. A valve on the 5250 bypasses or engages chemical injection.

The Sentinel 5850 includes a standard garden hose connection for water supply. For units that will be permanently installed, a 1/4" compression fitting is provided to connect to a water line.

A single Sentinel nozzle covers more than 5,000 sq. ft. thanks to an exit velocity of 40-50 ft/sec and still air penetration of 50-75 feet. And the coverage area is significantly greater when humidifying such "tight" spaces as wine barrel rooms or closed warehouses with good control of vapor losses.

Users interested in humidifying wine barrel rooms may find the following documents helpful:

The Sentinel 5850 offers several types of controller to regulate fogging activity. These include: a programmable 7-day event timer, repeat cycle timer, countdown timer, relative humidity sensor/controller and manual on/off.

And a remote control option allows users to integrate fogging into their processes. Any device able to close a switch can control fog application.

Sentinel 5850 installations may be either fixed or mobile. When portability is required, the fogging system is mounted to the optional 71005 cart. The system uses a standard 120V outlet, provides a garden hose fitting for water supply, and supports one or two fogging nozzles mounted either on standpipes or connected by hose.

If the application requires chemicals added to the fog, the cart is fitted with a 5250 proportional injector.

Permanent "bolt to the wall" installations support any number of nozzles, but 1-4 is typical. These use a single-phase 120 or 208-240V circuit. Larger setups are available but for larger or more complex projects, the Sentinel 5855 would be preferred. It can work with pumps or gravity feed tanks as well as a connection to a water supply line.



Sentinel nozzle

Pipe-mounted 700CE Sentinel Nozzle
(hose mounted nozzles also available)

Sentinel 5850 controller
Sentinel Control Module
(with humidity control module)

Sentinel blower
Sentinel Blower
(1.0 Hp unit shown)

Optional cart mounting
Optional cart mounted 5850
(nozzle on standpipe)

Motor Brushless, capacitor-start.
Blower External regenerative blower, 1/2 Hp and up. Blower size is determined by the number of nozzles supported (per zone)
Nozzle Technology Counter-rotating vortex design. High turbulence in nozzle shears feed liquid into fog-sized droplets (7-30 micron VMD). Droplet size distribution is influenced by liquid viscosity, surface tension, density and feed rate.
Nozzles One or more in conjunction with blower air capacity.
Nozzles available for mounting on PVC or metal pipe, or on hose.
Adjustable angle and discharge direction.
Nozzle coverage is 50-60 ft.
Particle Size 5-50 µ, adjustable.
Control Valve Vernier needle valve w/ memory lock for each liquid line/nozzle. Optional flow indicator (rotameter or other device.
Liquid Supply Pump, gravity feed (elevated tank), water system (in-line dilution with proportional injector). 0-20 oz [600 ml] /min, adjustable.

Water, or compatible water-based chemicals.

Intake Filter Serviceable air cleaner, cartridge element. Filter flow rating determined by blower capacity.
Materials of

Enclosure - NEMA 4 (weathertight, corrosion resistant) fiberglass w/ stainless hardware
Nozzle housing - corrosion resistant PVC w/ stainless clamps, or stainless steel
Liquid Tubing - fuel and oil resistant vinyl, nylon, or stainless steel
Seals, gaskets, diaphrgms in pressure regulator, gauge. flowmeter - Buna N
Fittings - brass, acetal
Nozzle - Celcon, Stainless steel, or HDPE

Shipping Weight Typical 1 Hp system is shipped in two cartons, 30 lb [14 kg] and 55 lb [25 kg]
Warranty One year limited warranty.

Sentinel® 5850
Info Packages
Zip files of PDFs:

• Winery Applications

•Industrial Humidification

•Industrial Atomization

Tech Notes

Design Notes -
Liquid Supply for
Sentinel Systems

Humidity White Paper

APN-003 Overview of
Barrel Room Humidification


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